Achieve 164% Improvement on the CPA Exam Without Spending More Time Studying


What if there were a way to more than double your improvement in your CPA Exam scores, but not spend any more time studying than you currently do?

You would be crazy not to use it, right?

The Science

In a research study at the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh, several psychology professors proved out just such a study strategy.

In the study, 24 8th grade students were tested on the human circulatory system…not an easy topic.

The students were given one test prior to reading a text and another test after reading the text so their pre- and post-reading scores could be compared.

None of the students had ever taken a biology class.

To do the comparison, 14 students were asked to read a 101 sentence text and explain what it meant in their own words.

10 students were asked to read the same text twice instead of explaining it.

In addition, the test questions were categorized as easy or difficult so the result on each type of question could also be compared.

The Findings

The study’s findings are remarkable.

1. The students who explained the text in their own words showed 50% more improvement compared with those who read the text twice.

2. The students who explained the text did even better on the more difficult questions, showing an 81% greater improvement.

3. Of the group that wrote the self-explanations, the students who wrote more in their explanations performed better than those who wrote less, showing a 41% more improvement across all questions and a 94% higher improvement on the difficult questions.

4. The students who wrote more detailed explanations showed 73% more improvement across all questions compared with those who only read the text and a whopping 164% greater improvement on the difficult questions.

5. The time taken to read the text and explain it was only slightly longer than the time taken to read the text twice.

From the study:

“Clearly, not only does eliciting self-explanations promote greater learning, but the more students self-explain, the deeper their understanding.”


How To Use This To Pass The CPA Exam

After you read a chapter or watch a video (or just a portion of one), if you explain what you have just read or heard in your own words, you will dramatically improve your ability to remember and your CPA Exam performance.

To help, I’m giving you 4 free downloadable tools. Below, there is one Smart Summary template for each section – AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG.

Step 1 – Download the Smart Summary templates

Step 2 – Print off as many as you need

Step 3 – Watch a video or read a chapter

Step 4 – Fill out the template for the section you just covered

Step 5 – Be as detailed as you can be to maximize the improvement in your score

Special Note – If you are member of my full review course, you can send me your templates as you fill them out and I will give you feedback. This will help ensure you understand the topic well and are not missing anything.

AUD Smart Summary Template

BEC Smart Summary Template

FAR Smart Summary Template

REG Smart Summary Template




  1. FutureCPA January 11, 2016 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    I love these templates. Very helpful.

  2. 9Wing19 January 15, 2017 at 5:55 pm - Reply

    This is a fantastic tool. Is this template available in a Word or Excel format (so we can type into it)?

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