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What People Say About Us

“Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I am OFFICIALLY done with the CPA Exam! I just received my final REG score a little while ago and even though, it’s “just” a 78 – it feels VERY good to be done once and for all!”

Vishal G.

Passed all 4 parts with Pederson CPA Review

“Passed FAR with an 82!  Thanks again for your help and support!  Your explanations are top notch.”

Cathy Y.

Passed FAR with Pederson CPA Review

“I just found out I passed Reg. I really liked the pace of the videos. I use Becker and the instructors go really fast so sometimes I need to pause and think about it before I can continue. But your videos have a great pace.  I don’t think Becker and Ninja prepared me enough for it.  Thank you for a great video product.”

Leah Q.

Passed REG with Pederson CPA Review

“Thanks for your simplified study notes – they work!”

Paul Z.

Passed all 4 parts with Pederson CPA Review

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