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What other students are saying:

I like the software because I can pick questions from a specific topic, target my trouble areas, or answer new questions. The options to do this are very helpful.
Lisa M.
There are definitely questions on material not covered by other review courses.
Amanda L.
One of my best study resources.
Charlene M.

Detailed description:

The Adaptive Smart Study Software is the best way to test your knowledge and determine if you are ready to pass the exam.  Practice multiple choice questions, simulations and even full exams on your phone, tablet or computer.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can crank out the questions.

The Adaptive module of the software is based on an algorithm that evaluates the questions you have gotten right, the questions you have gotten wrong, and then selects additional questions for you that target your weak areas.  This allows you to achieve a higher score in less time, and without the burden of trying to decide what to study next.  The software knows what you need help on and automatically sets up those questions for you.

All questions and simulations in the software are licensed from the AICPA and presented in a format that replicates what you will see on exam day.  Buy 1 part at a time to get 6 months of access for $45.

Buying all 4 parts at once gets you a full 12 months of access to each section of the software.  With [Total MCQ totmcq=””] multiple choice questions, [Total Sims totsims=””] simulations/written communication questions, and unlimited practice exams, you can take comfort knowing you have all the tools needed to successfully pass the CPA Exam.

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